Fly Ash bricks manufacturer
Welcome to a Green Tomorrow !

Born from being thoughtful and sensitive to the natural environment in our daily lives we at NAAVYA BUILDCON seek to establish a new paradigm in construction, through our specifically manufactured Eco friendly - Fly Ash Bricks in Thane, Maharashtra. India.

Fly Ash bricks are alternative to burnt clay bricks in the construction sector in India. Fly ash bricks are nowadays mostly used for construction and gaining its popularity over builders and engineers because of its high strength, uniformity and less consumption of mortar plastering. Above to this it is eco friendly bricks which saves environmental damage caused by burnt clay bricks and saves top agricultural soil which is the main raw material in the burnt clay bricks. Approximately 10,000 hectares of top soil is being lost every year for brick manufacturing and road construction. If it continues, very soon, we will not have sufficient soil to produce our minimum required food. Thus, Fly Ash bricks are proving to be a revolutionary invention that produces bricks without using top soil and consequently no greenhouse gases are emitted.